With the eyes of customer,
URBAN Car is promising to provide
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  • Multiple the numbers of cars in the same space
  • Increase the profits by full usage of land.


  • Free from RISK OF INJURY
  • Free from DAMAGE & DENTS
  • Free from THEFT & VANDALISM


  • No more Heated Car by hot sunshine
  • No more Dust/Sand by desert wind
  • No more walking ground parking decks



  • Concentrate on Automatic Parking system
  • Technology Enhancement through feed-back of Field Experience


  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Design
  • Installation


  • Acquired through trial/error of over last 18years experience
  • Well trained Expert engineers


The space usage efficiency has been maximized because 76 cars can be parked in 3 parking areas. A lifting speed of up to speed 125m/min. shortens our operation time for storing and releasing a vehicle. By mounting a turntable for advance, storing and releasing, even a beginner can easily park and release a vehicle, allowing you to select the position of an exit, depending on site conditions.


Can utilize the underground space of
medium-to-large buildings. Has a higher utilization of the underground space and can accommodate vehicles of up to thousands of vehicles. A standard type (Two-stage type, five-stage type), three-stage PIT Type


The parking system can be extended depending on the dimension of the underground space. It has a large variety of application from 10 cars to hundreds of cars, thus making it easy for large – scale facilities. It transports cars through the individual operation of a cart and a lift of each level. Also, it has a faster entering and exiting time. A built-in turntable enables fast advance, storing and releasing.


Since an entrance (exit) is fixed in one place, it can increase parking efficiency by several times higher than a self-parking type. Suitable for a building that can accommodate from 10 to 40 vehicles, enabling 2 to 6-stage multilayered facility. Depending on a form of a building and other location conditions, the top and bottom construction of the turntable is possible, and the choice of an entrance (exit) is easy.

1. Min Area need?
A. There are 4 models in Parking System and required area is depending on model For example, Elevator system need 6.2 x 7.2 m (45 m2) for 72 cars (max) parking. Please refer to layout plan of catalog and specification.

2. Max area for system?
A. Event at wide area, there is on principle. When we consider reasonable In/Out car speed, 1 lifter can manage 72 cars for Tower system and 84 cars for Flat Bi-Directional System. At wide area, it need more times if the lifter q’ty is few. In this case, increase lifter q’ty and, then, parking space can be expanded.

3. Maintenance?
A. Maintenance is essential after installation. Some of mechanical component can be worn by operation and should supply oil & fastening bolt. So, system needs regular monthly maintenance, checking sensor and replacement of worn components.

4. Facilities?
A. For built-in building system, misc. facilities such as – Lighting, Telecomm, Fire Fighting, Ventilation and/or Air Conditioning – are Architecture’s work, And, for Independent system, these facilities can be managed by parking system supplier in Thailand.

5. Insurance of System?
A. Insurance is applied two categories. Compensation of Production for system maker and Compensation of safety for system operation. For customers, we recommend to insure. In Korea, insurance is responsibility by law.

6. System Safety?
A. System safety is very sensitive matters. If system doesn’t guarantee safety of drivers, nobody will visit parking system. At Entry room, various optical LASER sensors are installed for driver’s safety. And Steel wire, Lifter. Cabin room, Parking room, Shock Absorber, Emergency Stoop Button…. etc., are protected by special sensors.

7. Life of Structure?
A. Life of structures is depending on maintenance. The first “automated” parking system built by Krupp in1958 in the Deutsche Bank in Munich. This system is still serving the patrons to date with its original installed parts! After over 52 years of continued operation.

8. Installation period?
A. In Thailand, it takes 60 – 120 days, installation with experienced workers. Period can be varied depending on local worker’s quality & Site conditions.

9. Time of In & Out car?
A. Average exit time is 2 – 5 minutes (or faster) depending on the volume of vehicles to be brought in and out and the parking system.

10. URBAN Car Reference?
A. URBAN Car system is installed over 300 system / 15,000 car space in Korea (2007)

11. Oversea Reference?
A. Installed & Contracted: Taiwan, China, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Russia, Singapore, Thailand. B. Under Discussion: USA, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Egypt, UAE..

12. Outside panel & color?
A. Outside structure can be variable such as Sandwich panel, concrete… etc. Color is limited by panel maker’s standard or paint color.

13. Endurance of hot Sun?
A. System is well covered in roofed structure with heat protection materials. In some hot environment, air ventilation and/or air conditioning may necessary.

14. Underground parking?
A. Most of systems are available underground parking. And we recommend underground parking in order to reduce dead space by parking area.

15. Parking management?
A. Parking Management system will be installed when URBAN Car requested by clients.

16. Office under parking system?
A. When the system is over office room, noise & vibration from mechanical friction should be considered. Basically, we recommend to design carefully for this condition.